Beth Walkowicz has coached The University at Buffalo Equestrian Team since their 2011-2012 season.  In that time, she has taken 10 students to Regionals, 2 to Zones, and 1 to the National Competition.  The team practices in group lessons 1-2 times per week at Walnut Grove Farm in Alden, and usually has about fifteen to twenty members. 

Beth stresses that she wants each teammate to graduate from University at Buffalo, not just successful as competitors in the IHSA, but more importantly, as better horsemen who will go on to perform better in their chosen discipline long after college.  Horsemanship begins with the grooming and tacking process, correct leading, mounting, and correct and empathetic handling of the horses.  She also stresses the importance of volunteerism and good grades in the team’s pursuit to becoming a Varsity Sport at UB. (They are currently a Club Sport.)

Interested in joining the fun of UB Equestrian Team?  Email Beth at

Competes in Zone 2 Region 1 of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association